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About Us

We design and make handmade cookie cutters and fondant stamps. Our UK made fondant stamps allow you to create beautiful decorative cookie and cupcake toppers for all occasions quickly and easily. Easy cookie and cupcake decorating at your fingertips. Our UK made cookie cutters are great fun and allow you to create cookies / biscuits in a range of designs to brighten up your cookie jar and bring smiles to faces.

Why We Created Mr Cookie Cutter

We became frustrated by the lack of diversity of products. This combined with the convenience of mass produced baked goods loaded with preservatives has brought about a decline in home baking. We had fond childhood memories of baking with our parents and grandparents, memories which future generations may never know and have to cherish.

Our Mission

To bring fun to baking for all ages whilst introducing this rewarding hobby and life skill to future generations.

We care about sustainability hence our use of a plastic for our products that is both biodegradable and derived from renewable, organic sources such as corn starch and sugar cane.

We hope you enjoy our website!

Mr Cookie Cutter

Meet The Team

Mr Cookie Designer Character

Mr Cookie Designer

Role: Cookie Cutter & Fondant Stamp Designer.

Special Skills: Ability to draw in the dark (he’s a bit nuts ... Cashew nuts), chainsaw sculpting and figure skating.

Fondant Stamps and Cookie Cutters designed in the UK.

About Us Mr Cookie Geek Character

Mr Cookie Geek

Role: 3D Rendering and The Techy Stuff.

Special Skills: Anything to do with computers or chess but a complete inability to speak to female cookies without completely crumbling.

Fondant Stamps and Cookie Cutters made in the UK.

 Miss Cookie Character

Miss Cookie Inspector

Role: Quality Control.

Special Skills: Eye for detail, karate, competitive Guinea Pig racing and quantum physics.

Every Fondant Stamp and Cookie Cutter Quality Checked.

Mr Cookie Cutter holding a Welcome sign

Mr Cookie Cutter

Role: Chief Product Tester (and the Boss). Decides which designs make the cut.

Special Skills: Management, leadership and belly dancing.

Every Fondant Stamp and Cookie Cutter Design Tested.

Granny Cookie

Role: Recipe Guru and Oracle of Wisdom

Special Skills: Baking, knitting, babysitting and predicting rain.

Super Tasty Sugar Cookie Recipe Movie

Cookie Toddler

Role: General Disruption of Efficiency.

Special Skills: Sleep deprivation, dribbling and tantrums so epic they can bend time and space.

Designed to Bring Fun to Baking

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