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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Why does Mr Cookie Cutter use signs and not speak?

He’s a Cookie, they don’t have vocal chords of course.

Are your products suitable for commercial use?

No, they are sold purely for personal use.

Do you offer personalised / customised designs?

We have plans to offer this service in the future but not at present.

Do you offer wholesale prices?

Our products are designed for personal use and we do not sell our products wholesale.

Domestic and International Shipping FAQ

What are your shipping / dispatch times?

Orders are usually processed and dispatched within 1-3 business days (although his can be longer during peak times). Items are then sent via Royal Mail. Mainland UK customers have the option of 1st class with tracking (1-2 business days) or 2nd class standard non tracked (2-4 business days) delivery options. international orders will be shipped by the Royal Mail international tracked and signed service. See our Shipping Policy for more information if required.

Where do you offer international Shipping?

We currently offer shipping to the following countries: Australia, Canada, Falkland Islands, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States.

I'm ordering from within the EU. Will there be extra fees or taxes from my countries customs?

No, there should be no extra charges as we collect the VAT for your country at checkout and remit the tax back to the EU as part of the IOSS scheme.

I'm ordering from the USA. Will I be charged import tax / customs duty?

No, you should only be charged import tax / customs duty on orders with goods valued over $800.00. That would be a lot of cookie cutters!

I'm ordering from another country. Will there be extra fees or taxes from my countries customs?

International orders outside of the EU may be subject to import fees, handling fees and taxes depending on your countries import regulations and tax rules. Please check with your customs department before ordering if you are concerned.

Fondant Stamps FAQ

How do I use my Fondant stamps?

Check out the user guide movies on the Recipe and Tips Page.

When using my fondant stamp, it’s leaving a circle impression in my fondant. Why is this happening?

You are simply pressing too hard on the stamp. Try pressing lighter so that the stamp only presses in to the fondant around 2mm. See the Movie Page for more detailed instructions.

Can I use your fondant stamps on cookie dough?

No, they are designed for fondant Icing cupcake or cookie topper decorations only.

Cookie Cutters FAQ

How do I use my Cookie Cutters ?

Check out the user guide movies on the Recipe and Tips Page.

Why is my dough sticking in my cookie cutter?

Unlike older style outline cookie cutters, our cookie cutters have internal detail. This means the dough will be held into the cutter more firmly. The more detail in the cutter the more this can happen. To help the dough release you should ensure you are dipping the cutter in flour before each new cut. Also ensure your dough is not to sticky or wet and is rolled to exactly 6mm thick using a rolling pin with thickness rings. We recommend using Granny Cookie's Sugar Cookie recipe. When making a cut press down firmly then give the cutter a small wiggle before lifting or try lifting from one end of the cutter at a time. Finally you can tap the cutter flat on the worktop to aid release. See the full user guides and troubleshooting tips on our Recipe and Tips page for more detailed instructions.

My cookies are losing the detail of the cutter when baking. What can I do?

This happens when the cookie dough spreads in the oven. To stop this avoid leavening agents / raising agents such as baking powder in your dough. We recommend using Granny Cookie's Sugar Cookie recipe for a spread free cookie recipe that can be adapted to different flavours.

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