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Fondant Stamp Movie

How to best use our Fondant Stamps to create amazing looking decorative Cookie and Cupcake Toppers for Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween and more.

FOR THE BEST VIEWING EXPERIENCE: Once playing tap the the gear symbol and set the video quality to 1080p or high. Then tap the incomplete square in the bottom right of the video to go full screen. To skip the short fun intro skip to 0:38. Enjoy the movie!

Fondant Stamps Top Tips

  • Watch the video above to get the best results.
  • Spread icing sugar on your worktop before rolling out your fondant.
  • Don't press the stamp too hard, just a couple of millimetres into the fondant is plenty.
  • Only use Fondant stamps with Fondant Icing and not Cookie Dough which would be too sticky.
  • Use our Fondant Cutters Set to cut your designs out from the Fondant. You can also use this set to cut out cookies the same size as your toppers!
Baby Chick Cupcake Topper
Mr Cookie Mascot in space

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