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Cookie Cutter Movie

How to use your new Cookie Cutters to get the fantastic looking cookies plus a trouble shooting guide. Check out the Cookie Recipe video too for a cookie that wont spread in your oven losing the detail of the cutter.

FOR THE BEST VIEWING EXPERIENCE: Once playing tap the the gear symbol and set the video quality to 1080p or high. Then tap the incomplete square in the bottom right of the video to go full screen. To skip the short fun intro skip to 0:38. Enjoy the movie!

Cookie Cutter Top Tips

  • Use a rolling pin with thickness rings. This will keep the top of the dough level and create the best cookie cutter impression as our cutters are designed to work with dough 6mm (1/4 inch) thick.
  • Our cookie cutters are more detailed than traditional outline cutters and as such sticky doughs are less suited to them. Try using our adaptable Sugar Cookie recipe on our movie page for best results.
  • Avoid raising / leavening agents and be sure to chill your cookies for 20 minutes before baking to maintain the details of your cookie cutters.
  • Dip the cutter in flour before each new cut to help the dough release. Tap the cutter flat on your worktop to further aid release (see the Cookie Cutter Movie).
  • Use extracts for flavouring as they taste better.
  • Use any excess dough scraps by rolling them out again and cutting extra cookies!

Mr Cookie Cutter Miss Cookie in a plane

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